Tuesday, March 3, 2009

My Thoughts on "The Bachelor"

A "historic" episode of ABC's The Bachelor, indeed. Tonight, Jason Mesnick from right here in old Seattle (the Nice Guy capital of America) did create some great drama by breaking up with the girl he chose (and gave a ring to) - Melissa.

He then asked Molly, the one he turned down, if she would give him another shot. She was initially confused (understandably) but then said yes. It looks like a possible happy ending, but we'll have to see.

Aside from the fact that the breakup and the "give me a second chance" were about the most real moments I've ever seen in reality television (I watch a wee bit too much TV), I have these Nice Guy-related thoughts:

I was happy that Jason listened to his gut, and broke off his engagement. Nice Guys can often get too confused by outside input (did you notice everyone, including the girl from the previous season who dumped *him*, giving him advice?). With a head swimming full of external input, he tried to make a good decision. But it seems he became aware it was the wrong one - and that input came from inside.

He then had the guts to break it off with Melissa before they went any farther. And the guts to go for what he wanted.

I was moved. I've worked with many Nice Guys who went the easy way, or went with something they really didn't think they wanted, only to be unhappy (and really rotten partners) later on. Jason was smart to follow his gut. It would have been better, perhaps, if he had been able to hear it some months ago, but it's all about reducing that cycle time, fellas.

Best, Peter

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